Your eCommerce house needs a solid foundation

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When starting a new business proposition, it is best to develop an organic base of followers first; grow your base and then launch the new business.

For example, many people launch a Kickstarter campaign or a new eCommerce website under the assumption that “if you launch it, they will come”. Unfortunately that’s not usually true.

Instead, find where your customers are online and join in the conversation. Don’t initially market a product or the business, instead add value to discussions. Go gently in the beginning, your goal is to establish authority by being open about who you are.. but without pushing a product or website.

Ask and answer questions. Post some links or pictures relevant to the forum (but which are not related to your business). Then after some time, after you’re not a new face to the neighborhood, reply with a picture or link to your product and ask for feedback: “what would you improve?”, “does this work for you?”, “do you like this color?”. Small questions often can lead to surprising answers.

This process can be slow going, yet is so crucial. You want to become someone your base recognizes and trusts. And when you have established yourself, that’s when you launch your new endeavor. Good luck!

rock pile depicting a successful ecommerce business

Original image by Denny Franzkowiak from Pixabay