Solution: GoDaddy hosted WordPress website’s Contact Form 7 not forwarding email

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If you have a GoDaddy-hosted WordPress website, and you have opted in for a 3rd party email client like Office Outlook 360… you might find that the relatively straight-forward email plugin Contact Form 7 isn’t sending contact emails to the designated recipient. If you’ve verified everything else is correct, try this solution:

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account
  2. Top right corner: click ‘My Products’
  3. Scroll to Web Hosting -> Manage All -> click site name
  4. Find and click the button ‘cPanel Admin’
  5. Scroll to the EMAIL section, find and click ‘Email Routing’
  6. Select the domain…
  7. Set ‘Configure Email Routing’ to Remote Mail Exchanger
  8. Click Change

This is all assuming that all the other conditions to send contact emails from your GoDaddy hosted WordPress site are correct.