Market saturation? Bullsh*t

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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Worried that your new business idea is already too common? Don’t be: market saturation is a crock, especially for online shopping.

Your potential customers aren’t permanently sequestered or walled off as they make purchases, they don’t get locked away from you. In other words, the available market share for your proposition is 100% wide open!

Competition in your niche is a good thing, it means you’ve found a large pool of customers just waiting for your new idea. Launch your new website and let everyone know you’re here.

How you capture that market share is a big part of your new job as the business owner. You’ll have to find ways in order to carve as much of that share as you can. We’re here to help with that, but that’s not the focus of what we’re talking about right now.

Right now it’s important to realize that the world is your oyster, that there’s no such thing as Market Saturation. The only thing saturation indicates is that there is A LOT of available customers! The business has always been there, ready for someone new to do it different, to do it better.